The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2018

Dear TranceFamily!

Another year is coming to an end and that means that the yearmix tradition continues. A 3 hour non-stop megamix starting at 126 BPM and closing it off at 150 BPM. This mix features a total of 149 tracks ranging from Deephouse/Progressive, Mainstream Trance/EDM, Euphoric/Uplifting Trance, Psytrance and closing it off with Hardstyle.

A big thanks to all the great producers out there and I hope next year will be another great year for Trance Music!

Enjoy this mix!
DJ CrisBros


The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2017

Hi everyone!

Once again a great year has passed for the Trance scene and it seems that the TranceFamily is still growing, especially when you look at the number of great tunes that are being produced and all the party people at the clubs and festivals. As you might already know it has become sort of a tradition to close off every year with a Yearmix in megamix style. This is my tenth Yearmix and I hope you will enjoy it.

I chose to select and mix the tracks of this year based on my festival experiences which in musical genres means that Deephouse, Techno, Progressive, Main/Bigroom Trance, Uplifting & Euphoric Trance (my favourite), Psy-Trance, Hardstyle & Hardcore are all represented in this mix. A total of 140 tracks which range from 126 BPM up to 178 BPM.

Special thanks to DJ Dennis Williams & Floris for helping out on this mix and a big shoutout to all the great producers, DJ`s, artists and the TranceFamily for keeping the scene alive!

DJ CrisBros


Gareth Emery & Standerwick Featuring Haliene & SJMA Choir – Saving Light (DJ CrisBros Live Choir Edit)

Hi everyone!

While working on the Yearmix of 2017 (which will be ready next week) I encountered an interesting version of Saving Light bij Gareth Emery & Standerwick Featuring Haliene which was performed live by Haliene together with SJMA Choir. A good chance this track will be the “Tune Of The Year” on A State Of Trance this year (we will find out soon enough). In the meantime, here is my edit where I combined the original with the live version.

I hope you like it:

DJ CrisBros

TranceProgressive Epic Sessions Part 010 (2017)

Hi TranceFamily!

First of all I hope you didn’t miss out on the ASOT 800 celebrations in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Netherlands) on the 18th of February, it was an epic night! Highlights were definitely Vini Vici & Aly & Fila and I can’t wait until Aly & Fila release their track “Beyond The Lights” on the 31st of March.

In the meantime I finished another mix with some of the latest Uplifting and Euphoric Trance. A lot of great new tracks on labels such as Future Sound Of Egypt, Grotesque and Abora Recordings.

Enjoy the mix!
DJ CrisBros


[00:00:00] 001: Illitheas – Alive (Intro Mix) (Abora Recordings)
[00:04:52] 002: Alan Morris – Wherever We Fly (Extended Mix) (Future Sound Of Egypt)
[00:09:09] 003: Bluskay – Happiness In Simplest Things (Original Mix) (Somerhold)
[00:13:47] 004: Gerome – Exalted (Extended Mix) (Always Alive Recordings)
[00:18:54] 005: Headstrong Featuring Stine Grove – Time (Allen Watts & Steve Allen Remix) (Sola Records)
[00:25:02] 006: Andres Sanchez – Eternity (Extended Mix) (Future Sound Of Egypt)
[00:31:04] 007: UCast & Magnus – Echo (Extended Mix) (Future Sound Of Egypt)
[00:35:42] 008: Craig Connelly Featuring Jessica Lawrence – How Can I (Original Mix) (Higher Forces Records)
[00:40:07] 009: Chris Schweizer – Lithium (Extended Mix) (Who’s Afraid Of 138?!)
[00:44:59] 010: Syntouch & Angel Falls – Alone (Plutian Dub Mix) (Abora Recordings)
[00:50:36] 011: Kayan Code Featuring Juha V – The Touch (Dub Mix) (State Control Records)
[00:55:44] 012: Illitheas – Purple Skies (Original Mix) (Abora Recordings)
[01:00:08] 013: Solarstone & Ferry Tayle – Lifeline (Extended Mix) (Pure Trance)
[01:06:14] 014: Madwave – Life & Melody (Original Mix) (Veritas Recordings)
[01:11:06] 015: Miroslav Vrlik – Save Me (Extended Mix) (Always Alive Recordings)
[01:16:12] 016: Ronski Speed Featuring Linnea Schossow – Set Me To Light (Amir Hussain Remix) (Digital Society Recordings)
[01:21:21] 017: Matt Bukovski & A.R.D.I – Monsoon (Extended Mix) (A State Of Trance)
[01:25:23] 018: Cold Blue & Johnny Yono – Fall Into Dusk (Original Mix) (Damaged Records)
[01:30:15] 019: Arctic Moon – Cyberpunk (Extended Mix) (Future Sound Of Egypt)
[01:35:46] 020: Simon O`Shine & Ahmed Romel – Erytheia (Original Mix) (Grotesque)
[01:40:24] 021: Cold Blue – Gold Rush (Niko Zografos Remix) (Mental Asylum Records)
[01:46:12] 022: PureNRG – Prophecy (Istoria 2017 Anthem Extended Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[01:51:28] 023: Chris Metcalfe – Orbit (Extended Mix) (Afterdark)
[01:56:48] 024: Ciaran McAuley – In Memory Of You (Original Mix) (Grotesque)

TranceProgressive Classic Sessions – A Tribute To In Search Of Sunrise (2016)

Hi everyone!

Let`s go back to the year 1999 and think of what Trance tracks were being released and which titles you come up with….. York – The Reachers of Civilization, BT – Mercury and Solace, Kamaya Painters – Far From Over and obviously Gouryella – Walhalla. Then think of the year 2000, do the same….. Salt Tank – Eugina, Coast 2 Coast Featuring Discovery – Home, Mekka – Diamondback and Cass & Slide Featuring Naimee Coleman – Perception. We continue to 2002, Way Out West – Mindcircus, Paul Oakenfold Featuring Carla Werner – Southern Sun, Andain – Summer Calling and Solarstone – Solarcoaster. Two words: Timeless classics!

I guess some of you already know what I am talking about. The Trance mix compilation series called “In Search Of Sunrise” (ISOS) which was compiled and mixed by DJ Tiësto until Richard Durand took over in 2010. In my opinion it is the best Trance mix compilation series out there and this mix is a tribute to ISOS featuring a selection of 40 tracks in a non-stop mix of over 4 hours. So invite your friends, fire up the BBQ, grab your glass of Sangria (or some other cocktail) and get ready for a trip down memory lane with A Tribute To In Search Of Sunrise!

DJ CrisBros

[download id=”42″]

[00:00:00] 001: Noa Assembly – Into The Fire (Extended Mix) (Songbird)
[00:05:06] 002: DJ Hooligan – Hear You Now (Grand Chillas Mix) (Fittipaldi Records)
[00:09:12] 003: Reeves Featuring Alanah – Lonely (Original Mix) (Songbird)
[00:15:14] 004: Max Graham – Airtight (Tim Penner Remix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[00:21:52] 005: Andy Duguid Featuring Leah – Don’t Belong (Original Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[00:27:17] 006: Motorcitysoul – Space Katzle (Jerome Sydenham Remix) (Aus Music)
[00:31:43] 007: Karen Overton – Your Loving Arms (Club Mix) (Supra Recordings)
[00:38:22] 008: Split Second – Midnight Express (Original Mix) (Cyber Records)
[00:46:29] 009: Rui Da Silva Featuring Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Myon & Shane 54 Remix) (Unknown)
[00:50:26] 010: Rui Da Silva Featuring Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Original Mix) (Kismet)
[00:57:49] 011: Coca & Villa – La Noche (Original Mix) (The Underground Sound of Madrid)
[01:03:43] 012: World Clique – Don’t Do It (Original Mix) (Sounds Good Records)
[01:08:01] 013: Imogen Heap – Hide And Seek (Tiesto’s In Search Of Sunrise Remix) (Songbird)
[01:15:24] 014: York – The Reachers Of Civilization (Sebastian Strzesniewski Rework) (Unknown)
[01:19:21] 015: Solarstone Featuring Jes – Like A Waterfall (Solarstone’s Deeper Sunrise Version) (Deepblue Records)
[01:25:45] 016: Salt Tank – Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) (Lost Language)
[01:32:07] 017: Cass & Slide Featuring Naimee Coleman – Perception (New Vocal Mix) (Xtra Nova)
[01:39:52] 018: Paul Oakenfold Featuring Carla Werner – Southern Sun (Orkidea Remix) (Perfecto Fluoro)
[01:47:23] 019: Starecase – Faith (Loafer Club Mix) (Hope Recordings)
[01:53:12] 020: LNQ – People I Used To Know (LNQ Jubilee Remix) (Remark Records)
[01:59:09] 021: Tremor – Meia Lua (Steve Gibbs Remix – Remastered) (Gekko)
[02:04:53] 022: Breeder – Tyrantanic (Slacker’s Kingdom Come Mix) (Rhythm Syndicate Records)
[02:11:09] 023: Ballroom – 4 AM (Marc O’Tool Remix) (Essential)
[02:15:56] 024: Marc Vision – Time Gate (Arnej Minimal Drum dub) (Unknown)
[02:20:14] 025: Mekka – Diamondback (Arthur Volt remix) (Planet Perfecto)
[02:25:50] 026: Accessive Rhythm – Activate (Original Mix) (Maelstrom Records)
[02:31:59] 027: BT – Mercury And Solace (BT 12” Mastermix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[02:37:49] 028: Allure – The Loves We Lost (Original Mix) (Maelstrom Records)
[02:43:40] 029: Way Out West – Mindcircus (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[02:51:15] 030: Coast 2 Coast Featuring Discovery – Home (Daniel Kandi Featuring Susana Retrofit Remix) (Armind)
[02:57:01] 031: Chiller Twist – Stringz Ultd. (Shelley Mix) (Plum Projects)
[03:04:06] 032: BT – The Force Of Gravity (Tiesto Remix) (Nettwerk)
[03:10:13] 033: Technique – Sun Is Shining (Mash Up Matt Remix) (Creation Records)
[03:18:28] 034: Fortress – An Angel Saved My Life (Mark Shimmon & 3rd Degree Bern’s Mix) (Superstition Recordings)
[03:24:06] 035: BT Featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw – Dreaming (Lucid’s 12” Club Mix) (Avex Trax)
[03:29:45] 036: Nalin & Kane – Open Your Eyes (The Child You Are) (Original Reworked Club Mix) (Superfly)
[03:37:18] 037: Gouryella – Walhalla (Vocal Extended Edit) (Tsunami)
[03:43:23] 038: Andain – Summer Calling (Casey Rasch Remix) (UNRSTRCTD Recordings)
[03:49:09] 039: Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Matt Farmer Bootleg) (Unknown)
[03:54:33] 040: L.S.G. – Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix) (Joof Test Series)

TranceProgressive Space Sessions Part 014 (2016)

Hi all,

This time I created a new mix which is a little more downtempo and features a lot of deep progressive tracks. Some tracks from the latest Orkidea album, Art of Trance, Gordey Tsukanov, many others and an bootleg of the timeless classic The Host Of Seraphim by Dead Can Dance in the Mlab’s Unofficial Remix.

DJ CrisBros

[download id=”40″]

[00:00:00] 001: Orkidea – My Sunset (Original Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[00:04:06] 002: Markus Schulz Presents Dakota – Cathedral [Montreal] (Original Mix) (Coldharbour Recordings)
[00:08:44] 003: Orkidea – Dreamers Of Dreams (Original Mix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[00:14:47] 004: The Digital Blonde – M (Original Mix) (OLD SQL Recordings)
[00:19:53] 005: Hazem Beltagui & Gai Barone – Chemical Romance (H4Z3 Mix) (Red Soho)
[00:23:57] 006: Shingo Nakamura – Small Image (Shingo Nakamura Club Mix) (Otographic Music)
[00:28:32] 007: Arcalis – Interamnia (Original Mix) (Saturate Audio)
[00:33:02] 008: Gai Barone – Voices Inside My Head (Original Mix) (Afterglow)
[00:38:58] 009: Armin van Buuren Featuring Sarah deCourcy – Face Of Summer (DJ Adel Club Mix) (Bootleg)
[00:45:11] 010: Gundamea – Sonority (Original Mix) (Electric Department)
[00:54:30] 011: Ewan Rill – 10 Targets (Kay-D Remix) (Majestic Family Records)
[00:58:09] 012: Max Graham – End Beginning (Original Mix) (Cycles)
[01:01:26] 013: Mino Safy & DJ Xquizit – Arely (Max Freegrant Remix) (Freegrant Music)
[00:05:41] 014: Art Of Trance – Ultrafoxx (Gai Barone’s Dodecahedron Mix) (Platipus)
[01:12:56] 015: Fehrplay & Disfunktion – Nova (Original Mix) (Armada Trice)
[01:16:41] 016: Jerome Isma-Ae & Alastor – Opium (Original Mix) (Jee Productions)
[01:20:41] 017: Markus Schulz feat. Delacey – Destiny (Solid Stone Remix) (Unknown/Unreleased)
[01:26:15] 018: Dead Can Dance – The Host Of Seraphim (Mlab’s Unofficial Remix) (Unknown/Unreleased)
[01:32:08] 019: Airwave – A Touch Of Grace (Deep & Dark Mix) (Bonzai Progressive)
[01:37:07] 020: Gordey Tsukanov – Turbulence (Onez!E Remix) (Nueva)
[01:43:00] 021: Gordey Tsukanov – Biofield (Original Mix) (Saturate Audio)
[01:48:00] 022: Blister – Sin Ojos (Oliver Prime Remix In Blue) (Molecule Recordings)
[01:54:59] 023: Dimension – Bocanegra (Original Mix) (Flashover Recordings)

The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2015

Hi everyone,

December is YEARMIX time! This year I am bringing you a megamix with 154 Trance and Progressive tracks in a three-hour non-stop mix (yes, I added an hour compared to last year)! The mix will start at 128 BPM with down-tempo EDM and Progressive tracks (by some called “Trouse”) and builds up to 138 and finally 140 BPM for those great uplifting and epic sounds, melodies and vocals which give me goosebumps everytime on the dancefloor. This mix is inspired by the great experiences these tracks have given me while visiting various festivals and by listening to a lot of amazing radio shows made by all those great DJ`s and Producers out there. Last but not least a big shout-out to the Trance Family around the world!

I hope you will enjoy this mix!


DJ Crisbros

[download id=”37″]

Tracklist Mixcloud mixcloud3 mixcloud3

The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2015 by Dj_Crisbros on Mixcloud

TranceProgressive Epic Sessions Part 004 (2015)

Hi everyone!

Because I just love these great uplifting Trance tracks I`ve created another Epic Sessions mix. As usual I started the mix with a great intro edit called Endless produced by Illitheas. I`m also a big fan of Ahmed Romel so I`ve added the tracks Yarden and Victory in this mix. Furthermore multiple tracks by Bobina, O.B.M Notion and SoundLift and also some great reworks of the classics Adagio For Strings, Solarcoaster and One Wish. In addition to that I had to put the track Ramore by RAM and Stine Grove in this mix (I just love this track) and finishing off this mix is my favorite track of the moment called Scota by A & Z versus Flynn & Denton, what a massive tune is that!

I hope you will enjoy this mix!

DJ CrisBros

[download id=”36″]

[00:00]  001: Illitheas – Endless (Intro Mix) (Abora Recordings)
[07:58]  002: Ahmed Romel – Yarden (Original Mix) (Grotesque)
[15:11]  003: SoundLift – Wonderful Feeling (Original Mix) (Natura Recordings)
[21:06]  004: Andy Elliass – Whangarei (Araya Remix) (Fly Warp Records)
[27:32]  005: O.B.M Notion vs Mostfa & Mostfa – Caribbean (Original Mix) (Beyond The Stars Recordings)
[33:59]  006: O.B.M Notion – A Virtual Flight (UDM Remix) (Alter Ego Records)
[40:14]  007: Talla 2XLC Feat. Skye – Rise (Photographer Remix) (Tetsuo Records)
[46:54]  008: Armin van Buuren Pres. Rising Star Feat. Betsie Larkin – Safe Inside You (Original Mix) (Armind)
[52:25]  009: Samuel Barber – Adagio For Strings (Angel Ace 2013 Rework) (Unreleased / Serenade Music)
[57:56]  010: Solarstone – Solarcoaster (Matt Farmer Bootleg) (Unreleased)
[63:41]  011: Daniel Skyver – Panic Stations (Chris Metcalfe Remix) (Black Hole Recordings)
[68:21]  012: Emanuele Congeddu – Fable Of Love (Araya Remix) (Infected Identity)
[74:48]  013: Bobina – Nos Encontramos (ReOrder Remix) (Magik Muzik)
[79:10]  014: Ahmed Romel – Victory (Original Mix) (Blue Soho Recordings)
[87:27]  015: Bobina – Winter (Simon O’Shine Remix) (Magik Muzik)
[93:24]  016: RAM & Stine Grove – Ramore (Original Mix) (Grotesque)
[99:27]  017: SoundLift – King Of My Castle (Original Mix) (Natura Recordings)
[105:33] 018: Evbointh – One Wish (Daniel Kandi And Mark Andrez Remix) (Anjunabeats)
[111:20] 019: Nick Callan & Ozzy XPM – Eizariya (NoMosk Remix) (Suanda Music)
[115:47] 020: A & Z vs Flynn & Denton – Scota (Original Mix) (Future Sound of Egypt)

TranceProgressive Epic Sessions Part 004 (2015) by Dj_Crisbros on Mixcloud

TranceProgressive Space Sessions Part 012 (2015)

Hi everyone!

It was time for a little bit more downtempo mix so I started with some tracks I`ve been collecting for some time. Starting off this mix is a great track from last year by Parker & Hanson called ‘Gravity‘ followed by the track ‘Beat Organ‘ produced by 16 Bit Lolitas. I also put some classics in this mix like the Ibiza classic ‘Red Sun Rising‘ by Lost Witness in a great remake by Michael Cassette and a massive progressive track called ‘Magic Flight‘ by EDLands. I`m also a great fan of Sebastian Krieg and put 2 tracks of him in this mix as well. Furthermore a great track by Alex Di Stefano called ‘I`ve Got The Power‘ (which really reminds me of that old school Techno sound) and two of my personal favorites of the moment, Andski & Charmy with the track ‘Scars‘ in the amazing Adrian Alexander Remix and Fabio XB & Liuck Featuring Christina Novelli with the track ‘Step Into The Light‘ in the Anske Remix.

I hope you will enjoy this mix!

DJ CrisBros

[download id=”34″]

001: Parker & Hanson – Gravity (Original Mix)
002: 16 Bit Lolitas – Beat Organ (Original Mix)
003: Lost Witness – Red Sun Rising (Michael Cassette Remix)
004: 2Symmetry – Myragion (Original Mix)
005: Sebastian Krieg – Space Oddity (Original Mix)
006: Andski & Charmy – Scars (Adrian Alexander Remix)
007: Sebastian Krieg & Max Freegrant – Omnisphere (Original Mix)
008: Airwave – Triangle (Solar Fields Remix)
009: Dinka & Morttagua – In Caelo (LTN Remix)
010: Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Riddles In The Sand (Omnia Remix)_pn
011: Floe – Into The Sunrise (Denis Sender Remix)
012: Fehrplay – Pyara (Original Mix)
013: Alex Di Stefano – I`ve Got The Power (Original Mix)
014: The Florist – Albatross (Original Mix)
015: Gai Barone – Cartaria (Relaunch Early Morning Remix)
016: EDLands – Magic Flight (Energy Mix)
017: Kamil Esten – Aquatica (Original Mix)
018: Justin Oh – Pryizzapoppa (Original Mix)
019: Super8 & Tab Feat. Julie Thompson – No Frontiers (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
020: Monoverse – Fraction (Original Mix)
021: Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Mike Saint-Jules Bootleg Mix)
022: Accendo – Jarratt (Original Mix)
023: Fabio XB & Liuck Feat. Christina Novelli – Step Into The Light (Anske Remix)

TranceProgressive Space Sessions Part 012 (2015) by Dj_Crisbros on Mixcloud


The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2014

Hi everybody,

It is December again and that means YEARMIX time! This year I am bringing you a new megamix with a selection of the best Trance and Progressive releases in a two-hour non-stop mix! The mix will start at 128 BPM and finishes at 140 BPM. This mix is inspired by the great experiences these tracks have given me while visiting the festivals ‘A State Of Trance 650’ @ Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Netherlands) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Electronic Family Festival @ Amsterdamse Bos (Netherlands) and ‘South West Four Festival’ @ Clapham Common, London (United Kingdom). A big thanks to all the great DJ`s and Producers who air their radio shows ‘Future Sound Of Egypt’, ‘Group Therapy’, ‘International Departures’, ‘The Global DJ Broadcast’ and obviously ‘A State Of Trance’ every week. Last but most importantly a big thanks and shout-out to all the great Trance and Progressive producers out there, keep it up!


DJ Crisbros

[download id=”32″]

Tracklist Mixcloud mixcloud3


The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2014 by Dj_Crisbros on Mixcloud

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