The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2015

Hi everyone,

December is YEARMIX time! This year I am bringing you a megamix with 154 Trance and Progressive tracks in a three-hour non-stop mix (yes, I added an hour compared to last year)! The mix will start at 128 BPM with down-tempo EDM and Progressive tracks (by some called “Trouse”) and builds up to 138 and finally 140 BPM for those great uplifting and epic sounds, melodies and vocals which give me goosebumps everytime on the dancefloor. This mix is inspired by the great experiences these tracks have given me while visiting various festivals and by listening to a lot of amazing radio shows made by all those great DJ`s and Producers out there. Last but not least a big shout-out to the Trance Family around the world!

I hope you will enjoy this mix!


DJ Crisbros

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The Space Of Trance Kollektiv Yearmix 2015 by Dj_Crisbros on Mixcloud

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